Dernières vacances !

Nous voilà pour une semaine dans les landes, à vieux boucau. On est très bien accueilli par le couché de soleil !



  1. 15 octobre 2016

    Holy shtnizi, this is so cool thank you.

  2. Deanna Raybourn’s Lady Julia Grey series – Silent in the Grave, Silent in the Sanctuary, Silent on the Moor and a new one in the fall, Dark Road to Darjeeling. Great mix of mystery, non-goopy romance and humor.

  3. Please tell me story mode isn’t just about combat and has some actual dialogue tests and choices as well. I’m ever so afraid that ME3 becomes a GoW clone negating the previous installements.

  4. a Friend i work with bought one and returned it within a week of purchase, he say its slow and crashes alot..from verizon i like the LG Voyager its pretty good you would love the touch screen and the Qwerty pad… if not i would wait awhile and see what new phones come out…last thing anybody wants is to purchase a phone today and tommarow a better phone comes out. Just do lots of research before you buy a new one. has alot of good reviews about phones

  5. 14 novembre 2016

    Hej OlleJa du måste ha två diskar, det behöver inte vara original disk till RGH delen men definitivt till original läget.Emulatorer finns på nätet, det är bara att googla Xbox360 emulators så hittar du.Vi länkar inte dessa i nuläget./Xboy

  6. 24 novembre 2016

    Berghain. Hvis det skal være vildt.GÃ¥ en tur i Kreuzberg. Eller bare stÃ¥ af ved en tilfældig station og gÃ¥ lidt – der er nok fede barer og spisesteder at vælge imellem.

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